Michelle with an eBike

Making an impact

Michelle, from Wolverhampton, starting using West Midlands Cycle Hire as part of a local social prescribing programme in her area.

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eBikes aren’t cheating!

There is a common misconception that with an electric bike (eBike) you won’t get the benefits that you do on a pedal bike – but in fact, you do!

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The electric bike lowdown

With electric bikes (eBikes) being launched across the region next week we thought we’d give you the lowdown on what to expect from a West Midlands Cycle Hire eBike.

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Blaze Laserlight

Be safe, be seen

We’ve taken every precaution to help make our riders feel more confident cycling in the dark mornings and evenings. 

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Algar’s story

Algar started cycling again thanks to West Midlands Cycle Hire. She hadn’t cycled for over 20years but since the scheme launched in her local park she now gets out 3 times per week!

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Why cycle to work?

There are so many advantages of using cycle hire to get to work; it’s good for your health, the environment and can also be good for your pocket!

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