Be safe, be seen

We’ve taken every precaution to help make our riders feel more confident cycling in the dark mornings and evenings. 

All our bikes are fitted with front and rear automatic lights PLUS we also have the revolutionary Blaze Laserlight fitted onto each bike; following their success in London (on the Santander cycles). All lights come on automatically when you pedal. 

The laserlight is attached to the cycle frame and projects a green cycle-shaped image onto the ground around 5 metres ahead of the bike. 

London trialled the lights before rolling them out across the fleet, and surveyed users afterwards whose feedback showed that the lights helped to increase their confidence on the roads by making them feel more visible. 

The light can be seen from nearly all angles, helping make drivers and pedestrians aware of any approaching West Midlands Cycle Hire bike - otherwise they might be unseen, for example when they are in a vehicle's blind spot. 

That’s your visibility covered, if you need further tips on riding this winter see our blog on Winterproofing.