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About us

West Midlands Cycle Hire operates across the West Midlands in each of our seven cities and towns. The bikes are a quick and easy way to travel around the region.

Who’s behind West Midlands Cycle Hire?

Serco operates West Midlands Cycle Hire on behalf of Transport for West Midlands .

Beryl provide the technology behind the Cycle Hire smartphone app.

What Serco do

  • Fill and empty the stations
    For the right number of bikes to be in the right place at the right time every day, we have a crew that are out working from morning to night. If a station becomes full with bikes or empty, the crew gets notified and they will move bike around to distribute them evenly.
  • Repair bicycles
    Bikes in a sharing system are frequently used, and therefore require regular lubrication, washing, and love.
  • Help our users
    We’re available to offer information and answer questions directly within the app, via Facebook and Twitter, on the website and via email.
  • Continue to develop the service
    We’re here to make sure that more and more people are using bikes. To make this happen, we’re working to make the bikes better, keep the app and website updated, and develop new ideas.

How to contact us

You can chat with our customer experience team online through the website or in the app, or call us on 0345 034 8616. We're open 6am-9pm weekdays and 10am-6pm weekends and bank holidays.

Ready to ride?

Phone with app map and route