eBikes aren’t cheating!

There is a common misconception that with an electric bike (eBike) you won’t get the benefits that you do on a pedal bike – but in fact, you do!

eBikes require you to pedal them so you will still be building up your fitness and strength. This movement means that you burn almost as many calories riding an electric bike as you would on a pedal bike!

You are also likely to be able to cycle for longer and further, than you could on a pedal bike, so you’re also building up your stamina. Just with the added comfort of knowing that when things get tough, i.e. hilly, you’ve got some extra help behind you, (thank goodness)!

“the eBike I hired today was a great solution to the hills that I would usually avoid. It really was the answer to all my prayers!”

Sue Callaghan, pictured above (centre)

As well as being a great gateway back into fitness, eBikes have got some other great benefits too:

  1. You can travel further, easier – making them great for a commute to work or university
  2. Beat the hills – with the motor assistance a hill is no an issue!
  3. Sustainable travel – electric bikes have much less of a carbon impact than driving
  4. Safety – with more acceleration from a standing start you may feel more comfortable at junctions and lights
  5. They are really good fun!

You can now find eBikes within our existing docking stations throughout the region.

To find one check the cycle hire app – click on a docking station and we’ll tell you how many pedal and eBikes are available. Look out for the lightning bolt symbol that indicates an eBike.

To find out more about the West Midlands Cycle Hire eBike, read our eBike lowdown.